Shared Community

This association is a community of online training center developers, locators, knowledge engineers, and facilitators who bond themselves together to protect their intellectual property rights and interests, promote the advancement of learning materials development, and share their skills among themselves.

Respect to the Learners

The learners’ interests breed the foundation of this association. It is to this purpose that learning materials are to be created with the highest standards of scientific works and development.

Respect to Members and Community

Deference to members, in their person and creations, is primordial especially in the promotion and protection of intellectual property rights and in the furtherance of the community interests as well.

Endless Opportunities

The spirit of a knowledge engineer is boundless and its passion is novel. This is absolutely true even in times of great disruptions in the learning community yielding to almost insurmountable challenges in carrying the objectives of learning and training. Gladly, beneath all these odd challenges are endless opportunities to serve the learners.