The association calls its individual members as “Knowledge Engineers”.
The category of membership defines the different roles and participation of every member.


owns an academic program leading to a degree or diploma. An academic program consists of interrelated courses.


owns a course or a certification program. A course is a specifically identified body of knowledge consisting of modules, lessons, and topics with all its requirements and activities to be completed in a designated period of time. A certification program is a set of interrelated courses resulting to a list of skills that ought to be certified.


primarily refers to the course learning material designer and writer but it also includes the co-authors. It covers the researcher, layout and graphic artist, editor, and presenter which also comprise the knowledge engineering team. The members of the knowledge engineering team are called “knowledge engineers”.


or Facilitator, executes and monitors compliance to the learning objectives of the course. It involves attending to the day-to-day correspondence to the learners, complementing technical discussions on topics, evaluating the submitted output of learners, assessing the academic performance of learners through learning analytics, and giving counsels and guides to the learners.


covers training institutions, associations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and business enterprises who are willing to participate in the development and promotion of learning materials for human resources development.


  • Protection of scientific works and creations through the LMS Security Module.
  • The proprietary works may be inherited, donated, or subject to other possible commercial transactions.

Peace of Mind
  • Huge, as high as 60% , share in the learning and training proceeds.
  • Retirement benefit through a cooperative set up for such purpose.
  • Peace of mind as to the security of scientific works and source of income.

  • A knowledge entrepreneur, not an employee, who attends to the business of learning materials development at his pace, place, and program of activities.
  • Work from home, life-long scientific contribution to national development, and continuous source of income even beyond 65 years of age.

Technical Support System
  • Free use of the CERTS Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Free training in the use of LMS to build an online learning school and learning materials development.
  • Technical community.
  • A community that promotes the relevance of learning materials.
  • Ready market via ACLADEB and APOL Center Foundation, Inc.
  • The market scope is domestic and international.